PS Secure Education & Corporate

With all the functions offered by Project Safety, corporations and educational institutions can feel an added sense of security! With the benefit of our Mass Broadcast function, every situation from severe weather to more serious dangers can be sent out to everyone from an administrator’s mobile device or PC.

PS Secure Logistics

Log book entries are a thing of the past with our Logistics app. Truckers can mark their stops, starts and breaks with a single touch. Log notes are simple and easy to make through text or voice, while Hazards like breakdowns and weather are quickly communicated to management’s Dashboard back at the office.

PS Secure Lite

A scaled down version of the fully functional PS Secure, Follow Ups, Emergencies and full data entry capabilities are still a touch away! For organizations and individuals who have no need for Journal and Travel functions, this great app is easy and convenient, and brings all the big gun functionality with it!

PS Secure Professional

Our proudest achievement, this full functioned application covers all the bases! Unlimited active Follow Up events and Travel events set our system apart from all others… all stored instantly on the cloud using our Kwik Send Technology. The Journal function provides a way to store information and images without the notification function. As with all out apps, GPS Tags are easy and unlimited!

PS Secure Realtor

It’s a dangerous world for Realtors, so they need serious protection! Our CEO comes from a family of Realtors, so he took every consideration when designing this powerful tool. Easy to use secure automated functions that protect, notify, and deter. PS Secure and the patented SAND System was made for Realtors and has no equal in the industry.