Our Mission

Our mission is to boldly go where no personal safety technology has gone before! To save lives through our knowledge of technology, security, law enforcement, and the world around us. Through study and implementation of new and existing technologies, support our goals of deterring crime, saving lives, and providing our communities with the most effective proactive and reactive personal safety systems possible. By gathering feedback from our staff, board, membership, corporate clients, member-based organizations and supported charities and causes, we’ll continually improve functionality and service to our member base. We’ll consummate relationships with law enforcement and safety organizations around the world to learn more about the crimes we seek to prevent, and ways to mitigate them. We’ll support personal safety and crime prevention whenever and wherever possible in today’s world and the world of the future. Most important, we’ll seek ways to better our communities inside and outside of the personal safety industry through moral and ethical practices, charity fundraising, and support of causes that need our support.

About Project Safety

At Project Safety we’re a diverse team of professional men and women who in the midst of an increasingly dangerous world, set out to make life safer for our families and yours. We knew that we could make a difference based on our experiences and professional knowledge of the world around us. Soon, we realized our long term goals were to make a difference in all areas of personal safety and crime prevention through education and innovation.

Made up of I.T. professionals, security analysts, and former law enforcement professionals, our team possesses unique skills for understanding the future of law enforcement, as well as the use of technologies to solve the current personal safety challenges in our communities. We’re capable of building automated functions and system connectivity driven cellular and smartphone applications that can utilize current communications and web based technologies to provide proactive and reactive personal safety to everyone.

Our Patented Smart Automated Notification & Deterrent System and Kwik-Send Technology allows anyone to easily construct an automated proactive safety plan with a follow up clock for all the events of their lives using their computer, iPad, smartphone, or any Internet or Network connected device. But Project Safety can also be used to store information for use at a later time, such as auto accident images and data, and information on abusive relationships and other circumstances that can lead to the need for the support of a legal case. We also have reactive elements for emergencies that use the same great quick send technologies to deter personal crime when there isn’t much time. We’ve gone the extra mile to develop a system that can do more than any other personal safety application, and do it better.

We’re people just like you, serious about our dedication to personal safety and a better world. Here are a few of the measures we have incorporated into the Project Safety system to give you the ultimate services in personal safety protection:

  • A True Personal Safety System – Other Personal Safety applications are just that, applications. We knew that these applications could not truly protect you except in a minimum of situations. If a predator was to take your mobile device from you, your protection would be gone with these simple applications. This is why true protection must be proactive and system based, instead of device based.
  • Proactive and Reactive Functionality – Because we are a system, Project Safety is a truly a proactive system that incorporates proactive functions. But we didn’t stop there. We designed a system that incorporates reactive functions where needed to see that you have the best of both worlds.
  • Multiple Uses for GPS – When you purchase GPS from your mobile communications carrier, your functionality is very limited. At project Safety we’ve incorporated GPS in many smart ways to help you ensure your safety and the safety of your loved one and employees, and we offer all of these functions and more for a fraction of the price. The GPS Tagging feature can come in handy in many instances, including simple peace of mind by using it to mark your location when you feel unsure of your surroundings. The Emergency function utilizes GPS to mark your location when you activate the Emergency button on your phone. Additionally, we offer GPS Tracking for corporate packages so that real estate agents, outside sales agents, delivery personnel and others are protected while on the job.
  • Journal Functions – Looking at the total picture, a part of personal safety is storing information that may prove useful to investigators should you come up missing, or the victim or a serious crime. For this reason we’ve included a Journal to allow you to keep a diary of events and people, store images, and store other information that you feel may become important to your safety or the safety of others. And since there is no Time Notification feature for the Journal, you can store things anytime you like without having to start an event clock.

With your input and ideas from use, we intend on continuing our mission to keep you and your loved one’s safe for years to come. So let’s get started saving and enhancing lives!

Yours in Safety,

Alan Blair

Project Safety, Inc. CEO/Inventor

The Project Safety Team

Alan Blair
CEO / Founder / Inventor / Operations Director

A veteran of the U.S. Navy with education in solid state circuit design, logic circuit design; Communications, and Computer Navigation Systems. Civilian experience includes Network Design and implementation, Hardware & Software, Web Site Design and SEO. Positions held include management and upper management positions in I.T. and Management Information Systems,and technical consulting. Alan has over 30 years of I.T. and Technology experience. But there is more to this man than I.T., Alan is a published author of self-help books sold around the world, and a tireless supporter of causes for veterans, women, and children within our communities. His favorite phrase is "We have lives to save!"

Michael Blankinship
CTO / Technology Director

I.T. Professional and Network Engineer, Software and Web Site Designer and Developer, Network Architect and Administration, Hardware and Software Design and Implementation, and 30 years of experience in minicomputers and microcomputers. As a family man, Michael is known for his generous and caring spirit, having taken into his home others in need who suffer from illness and other plights. Michael shares Alan's same enthusiasm for supporting those in need, and looks forward to fulfilling the company mission of saving lives.

Jason Bollman
Communications Infrastructure Director

Through his lifelong passion for technology and his diverse industry accomplishments and skills spanning 3 decades, Jason is not short on technical skills and knowledge when it comes to the value he can bring to a tech start-up company. Having a product that relies on the speed of connectivity coupled with IVR and SMS elements to protect it's members, Jason's experience and attributes on both professional and personal levels fills an important role within the Project Safety mission objectives. Jason is a family man who holds honesty high, and supporting the lives of others higher. We're proud to call Jason a Project Safety Team Member.

Jeffery Bush
Law Enforcement Liaison & Compliance Director

A veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, and a communications professional with extensive law enforcement experience as a Police Officer and Investigator. Considered a crime prevention expert, Jeff was the co-founder of 2 Private Investigation Firms. Jeff is a great father and a passionate supporter of causes for the communities around him. His thirst for knowledge and his passion for people make Jeff the kind of person who can make a difference. Jeff's role will allow us to make huge strides in protecting those who need protection in an ever changing world.

Toni Bradley
Women’s Safety Liason

A staunch supporter of women’s causes and an activist for all American’s rights, Toni seeks to do right by women who need protection from today’s harsh public environment. Toni is formerly a successful business woman and business owner with an appetite for success in all she does. Toni is a loving person and a concerned mother who wants to build a safer world for those around her. She shares all our enthusiasm toward our goal of saving lives, and looks forward to what she can do to help women better understand how to be safe in an increasingly dangerous world. We couldn’t hope to have a more driven and professional woman on our team!